Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No Internet

I'm sorry I haven't posted recently, because I have tons and tons of pictures to post but our house has not had internet for over a week. Consequently, I can't blog, and when I do, like now, I'm at the library with no pictures. So when the internet is back up, I'll post some.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wedding Part 1

Alright here are some of the wedding pictures. Our entire family was very involved in this wedding, from photography, to decorating, cooking, setting up, being guests, to being a ring bearer. Though tiring we enjoyed every bit of it. 


Dad and Dr. B preparing the chicken for the chicken picata
I can't imagine that the grocery store had any chicken left after all the chicken we bought...

The lovely wedding cake
The reception room
The groom and his brother
Bride, bridesmaid, and ring girls

The bride and her mother. 

Much more to come after our internet gets fixed!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My little friend

This week I have been editing the 1,058 pictures I took of Kevin and Joanna's wedding, I also have yet to really start on their engagement pictures, and then I have photographed a event at our church, needless to say I have tons of work to do. Thankfully I have a furry grey helper. :) She's so cute, if I have the computer on my lap and she decides to hop on the bed she starts pawing at the computer to get it off and once I remove it she curls right up. :)

A Year in Pictures

Today, June 15th, is my 19th birthday. For this year I have decided to take a picture every single day and collect them in a beautiful photo album I bought yesterday. I'll be posting my week's pictures each week as well.
Day one

Mountains Part 2

Here continues our mountain journey. 
My lovely friend

For dinner we went to the Daniel Boone Inn right in the heart of downtown Boone, NC.  Some might call it touristy but that isn't enough to keep us away from the delicious food! As you can see Mom is pondering whether or not she should have another biscuit. 

The sunset on our way back to the cabin

That evening some of us went to hear some bluegrass music, turns out there was some serious clogging going on as well!

We took a quick photo on the roadside of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

On Sunday we had the wonderful pleasure of seeing one of my friends (the pretty redhead in the middle), we visited her and her family in Mongolia two years ago. Here is she is with the friends she is visiting while in the States on the campus of Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.

Monday was Race Day, officially known as "The Assault on Marion"--a 75 mile bike race through the mountains of South Carolina and North Carolina, starting in Spartanburg, SC, and ending in Marion, NC. Here are the bikers to my right...

...and then to my left

Off they go! (in the bright green)

Here is Pastor H. (who did the race with them) about to cross the finish line

And here they are afterwards, quite tired but victorious. 

And so ends our lovely trip. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains

This past weekend our family and a friend of mine, Kate, traveled to the Blue Ridge mountains for a 75 mile bike race my that Dad and Carter were in. For the two days before the race we went camping, or "cabin camping" if you prefer. 
Cute little cabin is it not?

This is the breakfast Dad cooked us the first morning, it was delicious.

So delicious Dad didn't ever bother with a plate.

After breakfast we headed to Altapass Apple Orchard. Since there weren't any apples and it was raining we stayed inside and watched Emily and Dad play checkers, or rather watch Dad beat Emily in checkers. :P

Everyone's faces are so funny here, Carter thinks that Kate said something ridiculous, Dad looks like he just ate something that tasted disgusting, Emily is fixing her hair and... I think everyone is wierd. 

After lunch in the car we headed to Mast General Store, we have some friends who's ancestor founded this store.

We had a lovely afternoon listening to blue grass music on the back porch. 

I took advantage of a lovely stream nearby for some pictures

Charlotte really wanted to go gem mining and since we were not able to hike because of the rain she got her wish. 
Kate and Emily

Three diligent miners

There was a trout farm in the same place as the mining so Charlotte insisted on getting a picture on the fish. 

New post coming soon

Sorry I've been so behind, I've been extremely busy, but I will soon have a post about our trip to the mountains, a bike race, an engagement shoot, a wedding, and a trip to Florida!