Monday, May 28, 2012

I am...


I am getting contacts on Wednesday! I’m quite ready not to have to wear glasses (I don’t go anywhere without them) and be able to buy more than one pair of sunglasses that don’t cost $100 because they are prescription.

A rafting trip with friends, I’m looking forward to being on the water and meeting new friends.


I never seem to finish up my sewing projects; I just keep hopping from one to another. My biggest project at the moment is an Edwardian tea dress for this event. Currently, I am trying to figure out a skirt design. (I’m not using a pattern). A couple of years ago I found some beautiful fabric on sale and haven’t ever used it, now I finally have the chance!


My life today does not last forever. A few of my friends are moving away this summer. I currently can’t imagine life without them. In times past, God has brought something even better when my life has changed; I simply have to have faith that He has plans for me.


During winter I wish for the warmth of summer, I always seem to forget what life is like when it's 97 degrees with 90% humidity. I generally compare it to walking through hot pea soup. Thankfully, the beach is only 5 minutes away! And my family takes full advantage of the beautiful blue-green cool water.


After picking three buckets of blueberries on Saturday I baked a blueberry pie for my dad who’s favorite dessert is blueberry pie.
I have pretty much only ate blueberries on Saturday. I ate while I picked, and the bucket has been sitting on the counter in a perfect place to snitch every time I walk by. I’ll probably wake up blue tomorrow… 


For the ultimate sacrifice that so many men gave in defense of our country. We went to a Memorial Day picnic today and one of men in his talk pointed out that today, America can probably win any war. During the revolutionary war, and many other wars, men went into battle believing that they could not win, yet the cause was so important to them they went willingly anyway.  


If have been watching the weather, you’ve probably heard of the tropical storm Beryl. Currently it is headed dead for us on Wednesday. Normally this does not bother me. But the hurricane season hasn’t even started! I’m wondering if this is a sign of this hurricane season being an extra busy one. We’re due for a big hurricane soon.

I’m also worried for the blueberries. On Saturday there were ripe berries, but there were way more that were still green that will be ripe in a week or so. The branches are drooping there are so many berries. I hope this storm does not destroy the crop!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Not much is going on in my life right now but I have been writing some articles I just haven't gotten around to finishing them up. In the mean time here are a few glimpses into my life. 

I made pavlova with fresh strawberries for Mother's day

I've been helping my two sisters with school (almost done!)

I'm trying to redo my room so I've been playing around with paint colors. I've learned that to cover up the bright color green I currently have you need lots of primer. : )

This morning I took advantage of our beautiful hydrangea bush, all the pictures here are taken from one bush. 

Pink, blue, and violet all in one bush!

Our family has also spent lots of time at the beach since our weather has been beautiful. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Time Last Year

This time last year I was on a trip of a lifetime in Europe.

And finally visiting places I've always dreamed about. Dreams can come true!

Florence, Italy

Budapest, Hungary

Rome, Italy


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kittens: edited by Annie Kate and Emily

No matter what animal (except fish and reptiles) I think about the baby is cute, elephant, cats, otters, cows, or cheetahs. I'm not sure why God does that, perhaps just for pleasure. Anyway, kittens are among the cutest. Our friends just adopted two cute little kitties that I just couldn't help but take pictures of. 

I had trouble coming up with creative captions for these pictures so I let my sister Emily and her friend Annie Kate have full control over the captions. Therefore, I cannot accept the credit or censure that might come along reading this post.

"Here I come; BE AFRAID!"


"Say something about her hair (or eyes in this case)."
"What's up with your hair (or eyes)?"


(I didn't think anyone would get that caption, but two people actually writing this post think it's hysterical)


Easter, the most beautiful of all mortals
(Guess who came up with that caption...)

Making a kitty wish

For having such small paws, they're surprisingly prickly

And our friends also had a baby goat, though not quite as fun to play with as the kittens. His name is Curry.