Thursday, April 17, 2014

Azalea belles

Each Spring, our town has the honor of hosting the North Carolina Azalea Festival, which includes the Cape Fear Garden Tour. One tradition of the festival is the belles. The belles are a group of young ladies (mostly high school seniors) all dressed up like southern belles. Think Gone With the Wind. I participated when I was a senior, and now Emily has been able to enjoy it as well. 
The hoop skirts are so much fun to wear, though not practical at all, as you might imagine. However, the delightful task of being a princess for a weekend makes up for it.

 There are few dads and daughters who can coordinate so well and look so great together.

If the girls hadn't been so busy with their events, I might have kept them all day taking pictures. 

Southern belle

 It's hard to not take a great picture when you combine beautiful subjects with beautiful flowers.

 The anatomy of a hoop skirt.