Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last weekend our family, along with three other families, drove to the Blue Ridge Mountains and stayed in a lovely cabin and hung out with each other. We had a wonderful time!

Mallory dear.

My great, amazing friend Kate.

This was the view from the house, pretty nice eh?

Hannah eating her delicious warm soup. (really like this shot)

Hannah again

And her sister Mallory, she's always smiling. :)

The rest of the crew waiting to leave for a hike at Moses Cone State Park near Boone.


Part of our hike--the only flat portion too! Hard work for us flat-landed, coastal people. (not sure if that's an actual term...)

Christine and I at our destination, a fire tower with gorgeous views.

If you can't tell, Dad is trying to pour water on people.

Mr. and Mrs. L

Picnic on the lawn. 

Lovely and happy Mr. and Mrs. M.

The twins, Christine and Kate. I think they look really similar here. 

Hannah and Mallory dancing. lol

The next day we drove to Stone Mountain and hiked to the top. This picture includes almost everybody, one family had to leave early. 

My family

On the climb down from the giant rock the trail ends at this lovely waterfall. Though I shouldn't call it a water "fall" because it was more of a giant water slide. The water never fell from the rock, just slipped down it (for about 200 feet!). 

This is what we climbed. 

The group that climbed part way up the "waterslide"

Afterwards some of us (not me) went repelling. This is Carter making his descent.


Last year we had two members of our family in the triathlon and this year we had three. Emily and two of her friends decided to do a relay. Emily took care of the swimming, Annie Kate the running and Mallory the bike. They did wonderfully! Emily came out of the water with a really nasty jelly fish sting though. She has two nasty lines on her forearm. 

Mallory (Thanks Mrs. S for the pic!)

Annie Kate completing the final part of the run.

Mallory finished the bike strong

The three girls. And they all want to do another triathlon in the spring. 

Daddy finished the race. 

Mom and her hubby. 

Last year we had two people in the race. This year we knew a total of nine people in it. I had a wonderful time watching everyone and cheering them on. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A bigger "family"!

Our "family" has grown by 50! Our new members are a week days old and are absolutely adorable.