Tuesday, October 30, 2012

D.C. part 1

After our visit with Carter we drove east to D.C. Dad had meetings to go to, so us girls explored the city. 

First stop:  dinner. 
This restaurant was just around the corner from our hotel and offered some of the best Indian food we have ever had. 

Indian restaurant tip: don't order all your naan at the beginning, order half a piece per person, then as soon as it comes, order a couple more pieces, when those come, order more. That way your naan is always hot. 

Evidence of our liking for the food

Our first morning we headed to the capital. Despite having been in D.C. many times, we never have visited before.

Posing for pictures, this is becoming a theme...

Inside the beautiful dome

The baptism of Pocahontas 

Because of the dome shape of this room there are two spots across the room from each other where you can hear someone whispering from the opposite side. But if you take one step forward, you can no longer hear them. It's quite amazing!

Our personal stylist, mom.   We don't go anywhere without our stylist

Hmmm, which height difference is accurate? (hint: the picture on the left)

All three sisters 

Next we took a quick stop at the Botanical Gardens. 

After lunch we headed to the Newseum. This is not one of the free museums, but it was well worth it. We spent the entire afternoon there, and could have spent more.

Observation deck

Mom, in front of the Canadian Embassy, just down the road from the capitol building.

Part of the Berlin Wall

Same section but other side

The picture to the right is the top of one of the World Trade Center towers and in the background is newspaper headlines from around the world on 9/11

This was my favorite exhibit. It contains every Pulitzer Prize photograph. 
In my opinion, pictures are the most powerful way to summarize an event. It can capture a moment in time and let you dwell on it. A video requires your mind to keep moving since the picture keeps changing. But with a picture you can stay for quite a while and absorb it. 
The exhibit not only had every photograph on display, but you could also sit down and read all about the back story, as well as listen to interviews with the photographer. They had over 15 hours of video just in this exhibit.  Very powerful.

Oh don't we all just love this building...

And for dinner that night we headed to quaint Martin's Tavern. Reportedly one of the oldest restaurants in Georgetown, the booth next to us was where JFK proposed to Jackie. Interestingly enough, the booth next to that was called "The Nixon Booth".   Our aunt and uncle who live in Virginia came into town to meet us here for supper.