Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Azalea Festival 2010

Well the Azalea Festival finished up. This year there were a lot of beautiful houses on the garden tour. I also had a good friend who was an Azalea Belle, like I was last year. 

The ribbon cutting house

My friend
She's pretty :)

I lot of the houses had the outdoor tables decorated with a tea sets. 

Instead of the usual daisies with yellow or black centers, these had purple centers. 

I thought these napkin rings were awfully cute. 

Charlotte taking a break

This was one of my favorite houses. 

Their porch was beautifully decorated...

and they had a beautiful pool; the water looked so inviting. 
One of the belles at the house.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some friends have been asking to see my photography so I'm finally posting some pictures. I just finished a photography course so I have plenty to share. Enjoy. :)

The next 2 are together with this one above, taken at three different focal lengths

Poor Biscuit (the dog) lol

This is the result of a foggy morning and me playing around with the white balance on the camera

Monday, April 12, 2010

A couple weeks ago Carter did another triathlon. This triathlon was on a college campus, so he swam in a pool instead of the waterway, and it was a bit shorter. He finished in 1hr 1min.

I like this shot :P 

Unlike his last triathlon where we didn't see him till after he had finished, this time we watched him at every transition point and the finish. Much more exciting!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools Joke

Well Dad is an amazing Dad, and also very sneaky. Last year he did not play any April fools jokes on us so I assumed he wouldn't do any this year either, well I was wrong. My mom had to run errands in the afternoon around supper time and so my Dad ordered pizza. The pizza man arrives and gives us our pizza and we take it straight to the table and open it up. My first thought was Dominoes doesn't make their pizza crusts this thin... and we didn't order sausage... and this pizza is frozen! Did Dominoes make a mistake or is Dominoes doing an April fools joke? We stair blankly at the frozen pizzas for a while and then look up to see my mom laughing, April Fools! 

Here's how my Dad did it, he had gone to the grocery after work and bought two frozen pizzas and left them in his car when he got home. When he ordered the pizzas he asked for two extra boxes and he had them send the pizza to a house just down the street (which we could not see). He then waited at the house where he had the pizza sent and put the two frozen pizzas in the empty boxes and gave them back to the pizza man and told him to deliver them to our house. :) 

Dad you're great!

Formal Friday

Here is day 5 of Secondhand Fashion. I found this dress at a thrift store for $10 pretty much brand new. I have absolutely nowhere to wear this but it was just too pretty to pass up. Consequently, I was very excited when I was able to finally wear it for something today. 

Dress: David's bridal-secondhand $10
Shrug-Sangria- my sisters
Shoes- Fioni- goodwill

Thank you Emily for some lovely photographs

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Springtime Fun

Day four of Secondhand Fashion:

Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co.- Target
Skirt: Attention- goodwill
Shoes: I bought them while I was in Africa 

 The tree in the background is so pretty right now. 

I like my Africa flip flops :)