Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life in the recent month

Not a whole lot of interesting things have been going on recently, just life. 

Three of my dearest friends and I. 

A week ago I helped a friend out with a sewing camp, though I was there to help, I ended up learning myself!

At the end of the week the girls showed their parents what they made (the skirts) and sang some Bible verses they had memorized. 

Laura and Charlotte

Last week we had one of our Aussie cousins, Zanna, come visit with one of her friends. We took them to the best donut place ever--Britts in Carolina Beach. They are homemade and are soft and simply melt in your mouth. Scrumptious!

Zanna made us an Aussie dessert: pavlova. I've tried to make it before but mine did not turn out as well as hers.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rainy days

Today we had the first rainy day in months. It was lovely to wake up to the sound of rain pattering against my window and thunder rumbling in the distance. Mom, Emily, and Charlotte went to the craft stores to buy some items to use for crafts. 

Beautiful blue flowers decorate our house.

Emily did some watercolor painting

Some adorable stationery Emily bought to write letters to friends 

Charlotte made a mask

... and I baked a Texas sheet cake (I justified myself going to the gym before I made it).

And this doesn't really have anything to do with rainy days, but for Daddy's birthday we bought him a clothesline. He has been wanting one for years but never got around to setting one up. 
Yesterday, we hung some laundry up and left them over night when it started to rain. At least they are super clean now with all that extra "rinsing!"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tyler and Anika's Wedding

Two weeks ago Tyler finally married Anika. I say finally because he had been waiting a long time for this girl, and he was thrilled to finally get her for life.

They had a delicious cake--a moist chocolate cake with a light buttercream frosting and chunks of fresh strawberry in the filling. YUM!

Adorable flower girls

He did it!

Parents of the groom

Everyone pelted them with tons of birdseed. 

So excited for ya'll!