Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some recent pictures of mine. 
Even though its sunny, its actually raining. 

I liked how the sun turned out here. 

One of my favorites, I love the sunlight!

Our new chicken bell. 

Over the last year and half my sisters have become really good models, they know exactly what I want and it makes taking pictures so easy.

Another favorite, no editing at all. 

Monday, August 23, 2010


For our vacation this year we headed back up to Muskoka, a region in northern Ontario where my mother visited every summer as a child.  The rest of us have also fallen in love with it. 

Emily watching the sunset. 

A key part to our Muskoka vacation is chips, or french fries as we call them in the US. In all the towns there are trucks that serve chips, we eat them with vinegar and they're super yummy. (Mr. Seagull decided to get in the picture as well)

We stayed in this lovely cottage

and had this gorgeous view from our balcony

and swam off this dock.

Another view off the balcony. 

We enjoyed evening boat rides to watch the sunsets.

And sometimes viewed the sunset from our own dock.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

4th of July Family Gathering

Last month two of my dad's brothers and their families came into town for a wonderful visit, we spent our time at the beach, eating flavorices, playing games, eating flavorices and laughing. 
Here are all of us together after church. 

Miranda in the early morning light

A key to B. family get togethers are flavor-ices. You're allowed to have as many as you want (we started with 600 and ended up with less than 40) and you can have them at any time (including before breakfast lol)

And Papa baptized adorable baby Ella. 

We all fell in love with her. :)


The crowd...

...witnessing the cutting of Graham's hair, into a mohawk. 

On the 4th some of us headed to beach to watch all the fireworks people were setting off. 

Then we did what you have to do with people from land-locked places, go to the beach. 

As usual a crowd around Ella. 

Then we all had a delicious dinner at Nana and Papa's complete with "Aussie burgers"; made of the hamburger, a fried egg, beets, and a slice of pineapple. Though it sounded disgusting to me at first, it really isn't that bad. 

And we had corn, daddy likes corn just a little too much sometimes. 

I think Uncle Peter's birthday cake went to his head...

This struck me as a very Bartonian scene:   everybody talking (or yelling) and looking different places.

Unless there's a game going on, then everybody is completely concentrated. 

Their last morning here the Barton boys and men went deep sea fishing. 

Not too bad for a day out on the high seas!

The patriarch of the family. 

Lovely Meredith. 

 And I'll close with Ella, since I can't think of anything better to end with. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

New York Part 2

The morning after the wedding we went out with my mom's side of the family for breakfast at a diner around the corner from the hotel and then headed home.

I took this out of a car window without looking, pretty good if I do say so. 

China Town

Holland Tunnel Art

Outside the window again, 

On our way back we drove through D.C. and stopped at the Marine Museum by request from Carter. I just realized that it kinda looks like the picture of raising the flag on Iwo Jima. 

A bomber from WW II

Emily attempting to lift a pack, let's just say she won't be joining the marines any time soon. lol

Emily and Mom