Monday, August 23, 2010


For our vacation this year we headed back up to Muskoka, a region in northern Ontario where my mother visited every summer as a child.  The rest of us have also fallen in love with it. 

Emily watching the sunset. 

A key part to our Muskoka vacation is chips, or french fries as we call them in the US. In all the towns there are trucks that serve chips, we eat them with vinegar and they're super yummy. (Mr. Seagull decided to get in the picture as well)

We stayed in this lovely cottage

and had this gorgeous view from our balcony

and swam off this dock.

Another view off the balcony. 

We enjoyed evening boat rides to watch the sunsets.

And sometimes viewed the sunset from our own dock.

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Hannah Beckett said...

Oh my gosh!!! Those sunsets are gorgeous!!! I think the dark one is my favorite... You can't really get pictures with that great content anywhere around here... I may have to come with next year and bring my camera and about a billion memory cards!