Monday, October 1, 2012

Lessons from the French

When I went to the Reforming Food and Family conference in July, one of the speakers was a French chef. He talked about the importance of making time to serve food that is both beautiful and delicious. I have summarized some of his points here. Just make sure to read this post with a French accent!

A meal is a rest from the day

Family meals are landmarks in the day

The Giver of the gifts must remain central

Food was the instrument in which sin entered the world

When Jesus was raised, he ate in heaven

Eating on the run is like listening to classical music on speed play

Styrofoam plates are the most disturbing invention of the century

Eating good food on a foam plates is like putting a great painting in an unworthy frame

A dish well presented is already half eaten

Affect your 5 senses in a meal

You don’t want the good to become the enemy of the best

Butter is better

Butter + salt + eggs does not equal death, but hollandaise sauce

Eat a variety of everything in moderation and balance, small proportions

Bigger is not better


Recently, I have become somewhat of a foodie. And I really like taking pictures of food. Personally, a good picture can make anything look good. Here are a few of my favorite food blogs with scrumptious recipes and stunning photography. 

I'm pretty sure some of these bloggers could boil cardboard and make me want to eat it...

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