Wednesday, September 26, 2012

backyard wedding

This weekend we were blessed to witness the beautiful union and our friends Bruce and Maria.

Since Maria has been studying herbalism recently they had tea pouches for favors. Sadly, we forgot to pick one up.

Bridesmaids awaiting the signal

A few years ago we had the pleasure of attending Evangeline's wedding, she was here with her husband and two adorable children.

The three flower girls needed a wee bit of persuading to walk down the aisle. 

They held the wedding in their backyard and so Maria was able emerge from her house. It's a very comforting image; going straight from your home to your new husband. 

Both Maria and Bruce got choked up when they said their vows. It always seems much sweeter when that happens.. 

The yummy, exceptionally moist cake--part chocolate, part key lime. 

A wee bit of bubbly

Lovely light lingering on Lambeth.

This is one popular little flower girl. Must be those black curls.

During dinner they had a Dixie Jazz band.

How many people do you need to take a picture?

Weddings are always nice opportunities to catch up with people. It was fun seeing you Elena!

Still in love after 45 minutes of marriage

Contra dancing!

Side note: Aren't her shoes adorable!

Her dress was perfect for twirling. The dress was her grandmother's and her mother's. Because the dress was getting quite old, she wasn't sure if she could wear it. After a few alterations, she had a beautiful heirloom dress.

Bruce was quoted as saying that he hated Contra Dancing and would avoid it all all costs. But as you see here, he appears to be enjoying himself thoroughly. (That may or may not have something to do with his brand new bride, but we digress). Funny how things change.

Balance and swing.

I must have had a good angle if the photographer used it too

Father daughter dance

The bride and brother

The newlyweds weren't the only couple in love. 

Saying a sad goodbye to her dear brother

I'm not sure quite how they managed it, but they had a beautiful location, gorgeous weather and a lovely breeze. 

Not a bad view, eh?

For their getaway they floated off in a row boat while fireworks went off. Quite dramatic!

You would be hard pressed to plan a lovelier wedding, and the weather really couldn't be beat.

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Carolina said...

Lovely pictures! We all wish we could have gone!