Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last year we had two members of our family in the triathlon and this year we had three. Emily and two of her friends decided to do a relay. Emily took care of the swimming, Annie Kate the running and Mallory the bike. They did wonderfully! Emily came out of the water with a really nasty jelly fish sting though. She has two nasty lines on her forearm. 

Mallory (Thanks Mrs. S for the pic!)

Annie Kate completing the final part of the run.

Mallory finished the bike strong

The three girls. And they all want to do another triathlon in the spring. 

Daddy finished the race. 

Mom and her hubby. 

Last year we had two people in the race. This year we knew a total of nine people in it. I had a wonderful time watching everyone and cheering them on. 

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