Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kittens: edited by Annie Kate and Emily

No matter what animal (except fish and reptiles) I think about the baby is cute, elephant, cats, otters, cows, or cheetahs. I'm not sure why God does that, perhaps just for pleasure. Anyway, kittens are among the cutest. Our friends just adopted two cute little kitties that I just couldn't help but take pictures of. 

I had trouble coming up with creative captions for these pictures so I let my sister Emily and her friend Annie Kate have full control over the captions. Therefore, I cannot accept the credit or censure that might come along reading this post.

"Here I come; BE AFRAID!"


"Say something about her hair (or eyes in this case)."
"What's up with your hair (or eyes)?"


(I didn't think anyone would get that caption, but two people actually writing this post think it's hysterical)


Easter, the most beautiful of all mortals
(Guess who came up with that caption...)

Making a kitty wish

For having such small paws, they're surprisingly prickly

And our friends also had a baby goat, though not quite as fun to play with as the kittens. His name is Curry. 

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