Monday, July 7, 2008

First day in Beijing

We arrived in Beijing at 5:30am. We quickly realized the Beijing airport is MASSIVE. Everything seems wide open and so is your jaw.

This is the center of one of the terminals.
We arrived out our hotel around 7:30am. Since we had been up almost all night we took a nap and then just hung out around the hotel.
A street in Beijing.
Before dinner we did some grocery shopping, or so we thought. Obviously everything was in chinese so we bought by the way things looked. All the clerks yelled so they could sell their products. And the the store was three stories. Quite an experience!

In the seafood sections we found squid, turltes, jellyfish, and other unidentifiable meats.

Since the writing was in Chinese, we weren't sure what were in these boxes, but we think they were dried caterpillars. And they must be a delicacy in Chinese because they were behind class and cost a couple hundred dollars a box.

One of the girls selling Ramen Noodles. Dad asked if he could take her picture--we were amused. She really wasn't.

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