Friday, December 11, 2009

Apologetics Conference

Earlier in November a group from our church went to the SES Apologetics conference in Charlotte North Carolina.

D'nesh D'souza. He was one of my favorite speakers, first for his wonderful teaching and second for his totally cool name.

We stayed at a church nearby and here is a funny sign there. lol

This is the solution when you have a fresh cup of hot tea that you haven't finished drinking yet and the sanctuary won't allow drinks.


Alec and Carter look like they're planning something...uh oh It turned out to be throwing grapes at people.

The last night we went to a debate between D'nesh D'souza and atheist Christopher Hitchens. The actual debate wasn't great because they agreed on most things (muslims, mainly surrounding the shooting at Ft. Hood) but afterwards on the questions from the audience they really got going.


The biggest thing that stuck with me was that Pilate washed his hands so that he would be innocent of the blood of Christ but he needs Christ's blood in order to be innocent.


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT observation regarding the need for Christ's blood in order to be proclaimed innocent.

Anonymous said...


Please say "hello" to your mom, my long lost friend! We received your Christmas card yesterday (good picture) and were excited to hear of all the adventures your family has enjoyed this past year.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Darby Travers

Anna said...

Thank you Mrs. Travers. My mom was happy to hear from you! Merry Christmas.