Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Two weeks ago my mom and I along with another mom and daughter headed to Texas to visit some friends and visit their church. 
On our way down we stopped in Alabama and stayed with some friends my mom knew in college.

Texas art.

On Monday our host family held a lovely tea and invited several families with girls our age so we could meet them. 

Hangin' out during the tea

The moms had fun too. :)

You can't see us but there were four of us that loved photography and we were all posing with our cameras

Jacob, son of our lovely hosts.


Mrs. C. Thank you for allowing us to stay in your lovely home!
This is Fritz, he was very sweet and has another miniature dachsund friend who is dark brown named Heidi.

On Thursday we went to the historical home of Ima Hogg (imagine having that name!). Every room in her house is a different time period. Very interesting decorating style!

And the house is pink.

Evangeline (and baby Abigail :)) and Mom.

After Ima Hogg we headed to The Galleria, a fancy shopping center. Mom thought this ring above the intersection looked like it belonged in outer space.

All the stoplights in Texas were sideways, though I suppose it makes sense because of the wind. I still think it looks strange, I prefer them vertical.

My delicious lunch at a French restaurant in The Galleria

Mom thought this was adorable and was determined to get a picture of it. It was so funny to watch Mia trying to get some dessert off her mama's plate.   

Driving through Louisiana, there were lots and lots of swamps. I had never seen anything that looked like this before.

This was the first time I've driven across the Mississippi.

On our way home we stopped again in Alabama with another college friend of mom's. They had this adorable kitten that we were extremely tempted to take with us. Unfortunately Dad would not have thought that was such a great idea...

The sunrise as we drove out of Alabama on our last leg of the journey home after a fabulous trip.


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Elena said...

Great pictures, Anna!
I'm so glad to have been able to visit with you while you were here. Hopefully we can do more of these trips in the futures!