Sunday, March 6, 2011

Colorado-The mountain

Me attempting to snowboard

Carter taking time to pray before heading down. :)

Carter (I never got as good as he did here with my toe side edge.)

Dad, Charlotte, and I at the base

The gorgeous view

Emily riding up in the gondola

One of the prettiest things was when the sun was shining yet it was snowing, its makes the snowflakes sparkle. We don't usually get snow let alone snow while it is sunny so I found it very interesting, 

All of us except mom on the day it was -9. I think we all look splendid in goggles and face masks. :)When you start going fast it's so cold it takes your breath away.

Riding the ski lift. 
In case you ever go to Breckenridge, don't ride the "5" chair lift. It's evil, I fell down every single time I tried to get off of it, so I stayed away from that one. I always seemed to have trouble getting off of chair lifts. Once I fell down and they didn't stop it so I had to lay in the snow until they stopped it so it wouldn't knock me down. :) But by the end of our trip I considered my greatest accomplishment of the trip to be getting off the chair lift without falling more than 50% of the time. 

The top of the mountain


We spent one of our days in Vail; Charlotte is in the middle in pink. 
Note to beginning skiers: don't go to Vail your first couple of days because it's impossible (without walking) to get down from the top without going on a black diamond. But since Emily and I could confidently do the blue slopes we headed to the top and then went part way down and then rode a ski lift down the rest of the way.

Having lunch at the Vail lodge


Emily and I

Our wonderful lodge mom

Dad and Lottie

Lottie ready to head up

Self portrait of Emily and I before we headed down a steep blue slope

You can't see it too well but the mountain views are incredible

The people are in the way but there is a gorgeous view behind them

Looking down on Vail

Family portrait

View from Breckenridge

Dad, Charlotte, me, and Emily

Dad on our last ski run of our trip

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