Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beach Fun

This past weekend some friends of ours rented a beach cottage for the weekend and invited some of their friends over for Saturday afternoon and evening. We had a wonderful time walking on the beach, playing on a  nearby playground (even though we were teenagers), eating scrumptious food, talking, and playing games. Unfortunately, it was quite cool and windy so we didn't go swimming but we still had plenty of fun.

Playing spoons.


...and after when Mallory and Hannah are trying to get the spoons.

Someone really wants a spoon!

Thankfully she got it. :)

Carter laughing at whoever did not get one

Talking out on the porch enjoying the sunset

Christine and Emily

The erosion formed cliffs providing a perfect place to launch

I had lots of fun taking pictures.

Charlotte and Laura

Hannah and Claire

This is my favorite picture of the whole night. They didn't even know Isaac was in the back ground.

Mallory and Emily

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Annie Kate said...

That looks like fun!!! Can't wait til summer when we can go to the beach more :P