Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Judah and Heather's Wedding

 Two weeks ago, my sister Emily and I flew out to Colorado for our friend Heather's wedding, we visited her family in Mongolia three years ago. She married a godly man, Judah, on August 6, 2011. They met in Mongolia, hence all the Mongolia decorations.

Mongolian table decorations

The lovely carrot cake wedding cake that Heather's sister, Laurel, made for her. 

The youngest bridesmaid, Linden.

Door holder #1, Katie Beth

Door holder #2, Carol.

Man and wife!!

One way to catch everyone' attention, whistle!

Someone is happy to be married. 

Cutting the delicious carrot cake that her sister, Laurel, made for her. 

Heather and I

This isn't something you see at most weddings, a horse head fiddler. The native instrument of Mongolia is the horse head fiddle, so Judah and Heather brought one in for their wedding. 

The boys unsuccessfully trying to catch the garter/football, eventually a girl caught it and through it back to the boys!

There was a 2nd reception after the 1st one for out of town guests and family. Laurel and Emily passed the time between receptions by having bubble wars. It was quite entertaining to watch since they were both laughing really hard so they could hardly blow bubbles. 

New name

Chick-fil-a dinner for the 2nd reception.

There were lots of toasts and laughter


Wisdom from couples that have been married many years...

and one year...

When Heather was a flower girl, the bride gave Heather her necklace. So Heather gave her flower girl her necklace. 

Time for goodbyes.

And off into the new adventure of life together!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful wedding! I loved your blue/green dress. Not to mention all the laughter. The pictures made me want to laugh with everyone.

mark lawrence said...

Judah and heather's wedding was pretty awesome. I am totally in love with the photos and all these arrangements are mesmerizing. At one of the roof top event venues we also would be marrying by the end of this year. The wedding date is not fixed yet so we have plenty of time for the planning.