Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 After the wedding in Denver, Emily and I continued our trip up to Idaho. My aunt and uncle just had their 4th baby and she now has 4 kids under 4, so we stayed with them for a week to help out.

Emily and I with Matthew, Luke, Ella, and baby Ryan.

For the weekend we drove 2 hours north to their cabin on a beautiful lake. 10 minutes away is this adorable historic town of Roseberry, Idaho. It only has 1 intersection, and is in the middle of nowhere. But it's really cute! 

The church

Inside the general store.

Seeds ready for planting

Outside of the general store

One room school house

We also had a yummy pancake breakfast here.

This is my yummy whole wheat, blueberry, and chocolate chip pancake. Needless to say I couldn't finish it!

Lovely Idaho scenery

On Saturday morning we went to an antique boat show

Luke and Matthew by the lake. (I'm too lazy to photoshop the branches out...)

Adorable Ella

Another one of the day we visited the old penitentiary (jail) in Boise. It was actually used up until 1976. 

After the kids were in bed one night Emily and I went to an outdoor showing of Singing in the Rain, one of our all time favorite movies. Unlike at home, we put on jeans and sweatshirts at night! We were very excited about that. :)

We had 3 hours to kill in the Atlanta airport on the way back so we wandered around the "E" terminal which is the international terminal and you can dream of flying all over the world. :) They also had these displays of outfits made from trash. On the right is a cocktail dress made out of Obama/Biden banners. Other items were made of nails, phonebooks, trash bags, and plastic. Quite creative!

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Very nice country photos.

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