Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Mountain Trip

This past weekend my family and I drove to the mountains of North Carolina to enjoy cool weather and colorful trees. The weather was incredible, highs in the 60's and not a cloud in the brilliant, blue sky.

The view driving up to Mt. Mitchell.

On Saturday morning we hiked the last 2 miles to Mt. Mitchell's summit. While it was nice on the trail, it was quite windy and cold at the top.

Mom and Dad on the hike

Our hiking trail

Finally up at the top.

Colorful trees viewed from the top.

Dad decides he doesn't want to kiss mom anymore.

Then, after thinking about it for 1/2 a second decides that was a bad idea.

Mom and Em


Incredible colors!

We went to historic Altapass Apple Orchard but the trees were essentially picked clean. So we came home appleless :( But we did buy some delicious fudge and listened to blue grass music.

The apple orchard

Colorful trees along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Our rustic cabin.

Our campground

And one last picture of me that Emily took Sunday morning just before church.

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Elena said...

Ah, Anna, these pictures are gorgeous! I really can't wait to visit with you next week; it'll be so fun to catch up!