Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Trip

This Thanksgiving, we found out on Wednesday afternoon (because of my dad's work schedule) that we could go to Ohio for Thanksgiving to visit our cousins. So we quickly packed up the car and headed out early Thursday morning.

We spent almost the entire two days playing games. And to keep us going we munched on this yummy trail mix. FYI, the perfect trail mix (in my opinion) is 2 part dried cranberries, 1 part dark chocolate chips, 1 part halved walnuts. 

We played Dominion

and Othello
 I used to think this was a simple game until I played with Genevieve. I quickly found out that there were numerous strategies and until I learned them I was going to lose miserably

And we sipped delicious, sugary, icy goodness made by Uncle John.

And munched on pumpkin pie

with lots of whipped cream

And one of our all time favorite games, Dutch Blitz. 

We played with 7 people--it was high speed to say the least.

Dad teasing Miranda about the rules.

High numbers are not good...

On Friday night we drove to downtown Cincinnati to go ice skating. But there was an hour wait to rent skates, so we bagged that idea and walked around instead.

On the way home on Sunday we were in a 5-car pile up, thankfully everyone was alright!


Carolina said...

I love Othello and Dutch Bitz! That " sugary, icy, goodness" looks good!

Savories of Life said...

Dutch blitz is so much fun. do follow me.