Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Dress

 For Easter last Sunday I made Charlotte a dress that she designed and we did a quick photo shoot with it today. 

 She wanted a ruffle at the bottom and I added two layers of pleats so that I can lengthen it as she grows. I've found this a quicker and easier way than putting in a big hem. 

Invisible zippers are great! 

As I was hemming the outside skirt I pinned up the lining just to keep it out of my way--turns out this acts like a petticoat and adds volume to the skirt. It took me less than a minute to do (I used safety pins) and it saved me from having to do two more layers of pleats. Hooray for time savers!

I recently bought a reflector for my photography and I used it here on the right so that the right side of her face wouldn't be dark. 
I used white poster board from Michael's that cost $1.50, a whole lot cheaper then the "real" $30+ kind.
I'm greatly enjoying my investment!


Anonymous said...

How sweet! Charlotte looks so happy! Please tell me she is your little sister?! She looks just like you... beautiful! ~Jordan

Anna said...

Yep she is!