Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Night at Pemberly

Little girls love to play dress up. Unfortunately for them, their mothers generally don't let them out in public in their "finery". However, when they grow up, they get to dress up and get to go out of the house. Turns out, growing up isn't all bad.

This past weekend some friends of mine went to a historical ball called "A Night at Pemberly". 

The light was simply stunning when we arrived. Being the avid photographer that I am, I seized the opportunity to take plenty of pictures. My lovely subjects also assisted in the general beautification of my photography.

Alyson Grace's sister Maryfrances sewed this dress in about a week. As you can see, she did a brilliant job.

Golden light + the gorgeous Allison = a stunning shot

A girl is never too old to dress up.

These girls had us laughing the whole time to put it mildly.

The lovely Casey. It turned out (sort of) well that she didn't get appendicitis until the next weekend so she could enjoy the ball. Glad you're feeling better Casey!

Favorite picture of the night.

Some of us were very committed to historically accurate dress.

We enjoyed the night so much, that we are already making plans to attend again next year. Looking forward to it girls!


Miss Dashwood said...

Eeeeep, that looks like SO much fun! I've never been to a historical ball but I would LOVE to go to one some day. Gorgeous pictures, and your dress is simply beautiful! Did you make it?

Anna said...

Yep. Designed and made it. Thanks.