Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Athens day 1

Our last stop on the trip was Athens. I've always wanted to visit Athens after seeing so many pictures of it in history books. The city of Athens isn't particularly nice, the economic downturn shows. Countless beautiful old buildings are abandoned, falling apart, and covered in graffiti. Sad.

The incredible view from our hotel room. This is the temple of Zeus. You can't see it in this picture but just to the left you can see the Acropolis. 

This is what most of the buildings look like, beauty underneath but hidden by dirt and graffiti. 

I was so excited this day. I felt like I had stepped into my history book. 

This is Mars Hill. It's right next to the Acropolis and is the hill where Paul gave his talk in Acts 17. Like the previous Biblical places we had visited, to be where Paul spoke is very moving. 
Pastor Morecraft gave a wonderful talk walking us through Acts 17. 

This is the Antikythera. The function is written below. The most amazing part of this device is how old it is, before Christ, and yet they knew how to measure the placement of the sun, moon, and tides. 

There is one big rule in Europe. Eat gelato. It's 100 times better than the US. 

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Ashley B. said...

Oh my! That gelato looks amazing. Too good! Beautiful post!

Ashley B.