Monday, June 30, 2008

Leaving Ayanchin

Sorry that these are out of order. But the next three pictures are ones I took either driving to or from Ayanchin. They are pictures of Ulaanbaatar. The building is a typical apartment building--most are from the Soviet era and look as though there has been little or no maintenance.

If you look closely you can see a ger in the middle of the picture below. This is fairly typical, one sees gers set up in all sorts of locations in both rural and urban areas.
This was on the outskirts of downtown Ulaanbaatar. It isn't easy to see in this photo but the area pictured is an extremely poor district and would likely have no electricity (notwithstanding the nearby utility high tension wires) or running water.

We left Ayanchin Lodge around 9am and drove to Turtle Rock. All of us (except the moms) climbed up to the "shoulder" of the turtle.

Our family in front of Turtle Rock. (Looks like a loggerhead to me.)
This is the view from the shoulder of the turtle.
To get to the shoulder we all had to climb through this hole. Its a bit bigger than it looks from the picture.
The view from the top.
On our way back we saw a herd of yak and had to stop and take pictures.

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