Wednesday, June 25, 2008


On Monday we traveled with the Sprengers and our Mongolian friends Odono and Dulguun to a lodge called Ayanchin out in the Mongolian countryside. We traveled around one hour along bumpy roads to get there. Along the way we happened upon a small group of Mongols offering camel rides and a chance to hold a golden eagle they use for hunting.
My brother Carter holding the golden eagle
Of course, I had to try as well.
All of my family took camel rides. Getting up and down were the most exciting parts!
Pictured here are my sister Emily and Holly Sprenger. A family picture in front of a ger (rhymes with chair). We all (except my mom) slept in a ger that night.
After supper some of us climbed into the hills surrounding the lodge and I took this picture.

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Christine said...

Cool, that souds like a lot of fun!!