Friday, July 17, 2009

More Tours on Friday

Friday was our first full day with my Dad and Carter (who flew up Thursday night to join us). It seems they brought the sun because Tuesday-Thursday had been in the low 6o's, raining, and foggy. But Friday was sunny and in the 70's. We took the "T" to the Paul Revere Statue where our tour began. We then walked to Copp's Hill Burial Ground and Old North Church. 

Our wonderful tour guide in front of Cotton Mather's tomb. 
Old North Church
Mom, Emily, and Charlotte posing nearby Revere on horseback in the background. 
This is the beautiful organ in Old North Church. 
Walking from Fanuel Hall where we had lunch. 
Another view

After lunch we walked to the Massachusetts State House for our final Boston tour led by Paul Jehle--another wonderful, knowledgeable speaker. 
This is Paul Jehle in front of a plaque dedicated to the Pilgrims. 

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