Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Idaho Family Reunion

The first part of our long summer travels and adventures started in Idaho. My Dad has three brothers and every two years we meet for a family reunion with all of them along with my grandparents. This year we met in Idaho where one of my uncles lives with his family. We spent the first two days in Boise at their house (and a hotel because we couldn't fit) and then headed 3 hours northward to my aunt's parent's cabin on Lake Cascade. We had 26 people (16 of them children under age 18) in the same cabin. It was loud but tons of fun.  
The first night there my uncle had a work picnic and we joined in. We had an incredible free meal! Plus blow up "things" for the kids. 
This is what you get for dessert in Idaho:  "potatoes"! But... it's made out of ice cream covered with cocoa, whipped cream for sour cream and chocolate for butter. Man was it good!
The next morning my two youngest cousins, Matthew and Luke, were baptized by my grandfather in their backyard.
Because I do not have a water proof camera I could not document our white water rafting trip. It was on the Payette River, class III & IV rapids. You'll just have to take my word for it that it was an absolute blast. 
That evening we arrived at the cabin and some people couldn't wait to get in. 
Dad and Emily
These two boys, Carter and Graham, are the only boys in their respective families, hence they had to get as much "guy time" as they could. 
Carter and Emily on the skidoo.
Mom and Dad sailing.
One of my favorite parts of these reunions is when each of the brothers recites a Banjo Patterson poem (Australia's favorite folklore poet); he is a relative of ours. The coat my uncle is wearing is called a drys-a-bone and the hat is an australian ecubra hat. 
Dad needs the words :) unlike his brothers who have memorized some of the poems.
My cousin Graham demonstrating how Australians dress and how the my Dad and 3 brothers grew up. It was hysterical.
One morning some of the girls went horseback riding for the morning, they loved it. 
Evenings were passed by playing games like Mafia (pictured), cards, Settlers of Catan, and Scum. These families are big game players. 
Since my brother and Dad are training for a triathalon they continued training in Idaho by swimming across the lake and back. 
Sunset art
And again
One afternoon the older girls went into the nearby town to get ice cream and window shop. 
On our way home we stopped by to see my aunt's horses 
The photographer, me :)
The farm where the horses were had the most adorable and sweet kittens!!
The parting sunset

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