Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day One

Each morning we took about a 45 minute bus ride (double decker) to central London. 
Our first stop was Buckingham Palace, this is one of three gates near the Palace
The palace, there are a lot of people since the changing of the guard is happening. 
And we tried not to look like tourists...lol
For lunch we had tea at Harrods. 
This is one of the many rooms with food in it. There are 6 full floors of items. You can even buy a little dog outfit for $200...
Personally I can't figure this out... Who wants to wear hair like that!? With sticks in it too
Mom and Dad on the tour bus
Westminster looking up
House of Parliamant, this building is amazing
Carter resting beside Westminster
The front of Westminster
Big Ben
Charlotte and Dad in front of Big Ben

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