Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last Day-British Museum

On our final day in London we headed to the British Museum. As you can see, our luggage had arrived late the night before so we finally had clean clothes!!!

The entrance. I loved it is was such an old looking building
Emily by the pillars
This is what you see once you enter the building. Pretty cool!
A big sarcophagus 
The mummy of Cleopatra
Lamps from the time of Christ
We visited the 'clock room' and saw a ton of really cool clocks. This clock above does everything the sign pictured below says

This is also a clock, all the canons and sailors move on the hour
This is a case containing the average amount of pills a person takes in their lifetime. Kinda disgusting if you ask me
Part of the Athens display
We finished up the morning by having lunch (once we had finished all our shopping at Cath Kidston!) and then set off to the airport for our overnight flight to Kenya!!

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