Friday, September 18, 2009

All those animals

I'm combining all our Africa animal pictures into one post. We saw all the animals we wanted to see and more. Before this I thought it wouldn't be that special since I had already seen all the animals in the zoo. But I was reeeeeallly wrong! Seeing them in Africa, in the wild and in their natural habitat was 10 times better.   Plus, this meant better backgrounds for my photos. :)
A pretty bird whose name I can't remember.
Secretary bird
Zebras were absolutely everywhere
Gazelles (they're only about 21/2 feet high)

We had to wait for about 20 minutes in the rain and the dark in total silence to see the leopard. It was hiding in the bushes--we knew it was there because of the antelope that it had hung up in a nearby tree. Finally, we saw her and her baby, but only for about 3 seconds. Thankfully I got a shot. And it just happens to be my favorite shot of the entire trip. 
We also saw plenty of dead animals
This is about all of the the hippos' bodies we saw. There were probably almost 30 of them but they stayed under water all the time in the day except to take a breath. There was also a baby hippo on its mothers back. (there are probably 10-15 hippos in this picture)
Baboons in front of our tent camp. I know this picture is over exposed but I forgot that it was on manual. oops.  Notice the cute little guy with the big ears!
We saw three lions eating a wildabeast. We were only about 8 feet above them
Cheetah (in the rain)
Hyeana. I did not like those creatures. We all agreed they won't win any animal beauty contests!
More monkeys at our camp
A really fat crocodile. Must have just had lunch. 
Lots of baby giraffe
Mother black rhino and her baby
An adorable baby elephant. Isn't he just so cute?!
Mama elephant. 
Ostrich.  Boy can they run!

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