Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Life...

Well here's some more about typical days during our time in Kenya.
Both Carter and I went to the OR to watch my Dad in some operations. For some reason my pictures in the OR got deleted...this is Carter and Andrew in scrubs heading to the hospital from our apartment.
Dad in front of the board that lists all the surgeries that day.
Won't see that here in the USA will ya?
Something I really enjoyed about Kenya is that we walked everywhere. So we went on a hike one day through the woods.
The sign for the hospital and bible college.
Dad gave daily lectures to the anesthetist students.
Dad and his class.
Twice we went to the local church to help pass out bags of maize and beans for the hungry.
Both Emily and Charlotte got their hair braided! Emily's took 5 hours. Her hair isn't normally this long but she had extensions put in while it was being braided.
Emily in the process. 

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