Monday, September 14, 2009

Life at Kijabe

The view outside our window early one morning overlooking the Rift Valley at 7000 ft. elevation

During our three weeks in Africa we stayed in Kijabe, Kenya. Kijabe is a small town, mainly occupied by missionaries. There is a large (by African standards) hospital and also a large missionary boarding school called Rift Valley Academy. My Dad worked at the hospital teaching Anesthesia while the rest of us helped in various other ways

We stayed in the top right unit of this apartment building. We had a kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, and a bathroom. More importantly, we also had an amazing view outside our windows! 
This is the goat that lived next door. All the (human) kids around us loved the baby goat--he ate very well. :) Unfortunately he was destined to be "lunchmeat" by early September
All the missionaries had access to most of RVA's campus including, racquetball, tennis, squash, rugby, soccer, libraries, basketball, and playgrounds
When walking up to RVA we commonly saw monkeys. As cute as they are they are worse than raccoons (scavengers constantly through people's trash)
We became good friends with another family who have a daughter Emily's age and who happen to be originally from our hometown. This is the mom and Hope, a Kenyan baby they are trying to adopt. 
The elementary school playground had a zip line
and a really fun swing
Roses on our kitchen windowsill
Titchie Swot is the name of the elementary school (the name comes from a British term)
I know this is blurry but we commonly made chapatis for dinner--a staple in Kenya which  is a flat bread
This is the market where we bought all our fruits and vegetables. Inside there are about 10 tables with women selling their produce
This is the "Supa Duka" where we bought our groceries. While the selection was somewhat limited we could buy enough to provide meals during our stay. 
This is our living room/dining room
... looking into the kitchen
a bedroom 

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