Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting there...

 The next stop on our trip was London. We arrived from Idaho Wednesday night (actually 3 am Thursday morning) and then left Thursday afternoon. And then once again when we tried to leave that night more bad weather prevented us from leaving. Consequently, once we reached Atlanta, we had missed our flight to London. So we slept in the Atlanta airport for the night. Not too fun! By the way we decided that terminal E is the best to sleep in. :) But we weren't alone, many other people's flights got canceled. The next morning we were rerouted to La Guardia airport in NYC. From there we had to get a bus to JFK airport. Thankfully to make up for the delays we had first class seats from Atlanta to LaGuardia, we were so excited and first class is amazing, especially when you spent the night in an airport! As it happened we arrived at LaGuardia the morning there was a bomb threat, thankfully it had cleared up by the time we got there. Once we reached JFK we tried to kill 8 hours in the food court. We also got some sleep. Never knew you could sleep in a food court before! Thankfully we made our flight to London and arrived at 7am Sunday morning. 
Sleeping in Atlanta
Delays and lines seemed to be our life 
JFK art
The is the 'hotel' we stayed in during our time in London known as the Highbury Centre. It is over a hundred years old and has served as a guest house for missionaries (formerly known as the Foreign Missions Club). It was a 45 minute bus ride to central London but we enjoyed our stay there. 

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