Saturday, November 21, 2009

Evangeline's Bridal Shower

Earlier this month ago we hosted a bridal shower for our dear friend Evangeline.  We framed the invitation on the front door encircled by a pink blossom wreath to greet guests as they arrived.

The wedding invitation.

Party favors for everyone which we had fun assembling, complete with a little pearl.

Red velvet cupcakes. We made sure Evangeline got the one with the R on top.

There's just something about sunlight on rose petals.  Exquisite.

The bride-to-be listening to some words of exhortation.


Mrs. B gave a quick little devotion about the rooms in a house and what they signify in a Christian family.

She was very excited about her apron with her new name on it which we gave her. :)

Reading many sweet notes from friends

Evangeline and my mom

More friends (a lot of them too)

Evangeline's sweet mother

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Anonymous said...

Evangeline is such a dear!