Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beach Triathlon

Two weeks ago Carter and my dad did a triathlon. They swam almost a mile, biked 12 miles, and then ran 3.1 miles. Both did well!


Carter's number on his bike

The transition from bike to run

Lots of bikes

There were 1300 participants, that means a lot of bikes!


Because of traffic our usual less than ten minute drive to the beach took an hour. So unfortunately we missed Carter and Dad crossing the finish line. But did watch our pastor cross it!

And here he is afterwards. lol

Carter won 2nd prize in his age group! His time was 1:28.  Way to go Carter!

That night we had an amazing meal cooked by our friends. We had a roast leg of lamb stuffed with herbs, garlic, and goat cheese; roast potatoes, asparagus, and roast tomatoes with onions. We ate really well!

Then for dessert we had two waffle cookies with chocolate and whipped cream between them, topped with more whipped cream, raspberries, and an amazing raspberry sauce. It was reeeeally good.  And pretty too.

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