Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fig Tree Camp

More Africa shots, hope you're not tired of it yet. :)

The entrance to the game park, Masai Maara. Outside the gate here are Masai women trying to sell  their wares (cloth, beads, jewelry)

Family picture in the tree. This was right in the middle of the camp overlooking everything and had a great view of the surrounding game park

We had amazing meals while we were there. Every meal we had a huge buffet with delicious food. It was fairly western food to us with an African twist. For instance, they served a pineapple streudel/crisp; doesn't sound appetizing to me but it sure tasted good!

This was taken from our tent. What nice hotel can you go to in the states and see cattle (of the Massai) grazing outside your door? :)

In the morning outside our tent there were about 30 baboons hanging out eating fruit from the trees and playing around. They were so much fun to watch. There were two very young ones too that were super cute

These are the insides of the tents we stayed in. While they were actual canvas tents they were under a wood shelter, had comfortable beds, electricity, and a bathroom attached. Just my type of camping! But they didn't have alarm clocks, so your "alarm" was a man outside the tent telling you to wake up. lol

While we were there they had the first rain since June, and afterwards there was a lot of mud. Made for some exciting spins though!

This is the van we traveled in for our game park ventures, my parents were not convinced it was very safe, which it probably wasn't...but it held up through rocky rivers and hills!

This is our wonderful driver, Benson, who stayed with us the whole time and kept us safe.  His driving abilities should win him awards.  We couldn't believe what he could get this vehicle through!

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