Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Matt and Liz's wedding

This past weekend we went to the beautiful wedding of Matt and Liz. The weather report predicted rain, but Saturday came and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  The temperature was perfect and the evening light was gorgeous. I had so so much fun with pictures.


This was the coolest thing ever and every southerner's dream. A sweet tea fountain!!!! I reeeeeally like sweet tea so this was great. :)
For the cake they had a "cupcake cake". The cupcakes were sooo good, there were lemon and (my favorite) pumpkin chocolate chip ones with cream cheese frosting. YUM

Not quite sure why, but all the groomsmen had these nerf guns. Apparently this groomsmen was as confused as I was. lol  (sorry Scott)

Cake topper
An overexposed picture of the flowers the bride and bridesmaids had

Charlotte and her friend Alaina dancing
The beautiful bride Liz

The bride's hands

Being announced for the first time in public as Matt and Liz S. 

First dance

Liz was so cute and excited!
Now she has two rings. :)

Yep, drop dead gorgeous
Leaving for their new life together


And these are of a friend at the wedding, Toni.

And she smiles and laughs a lot

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