Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wedding in New York City

This past weekend we drove up to New York City for my uncle's wedding. The wedding was held at a lovely small restrauant, iCi, in Brooklyn. I met Pari, his new wife, for the first time that night and immediately loved her, she is a total sweetheart. 

Mom getting out of the cab.

In place of boutonnieres the men had fly fish hooks, perfect since my uncle loves to fly fish. 

The bride in the mirror

They're pretty cute together.

The room where they had the wedding was beautiful, its was all white including the chairs. She decorated it with yellow flowers up front and yellow fans on the chairs. The fans were essential since there was no air conditioning. 

The light was beautiful coming in the windows, I would have loved to shoot this wedding, might even have paid to shoot it.  

Afterwards there was a cocktail hour downstairs while they redid the upstairs room for the reception.

Even though it was sprinkling it was nice to be outside since it was super hot downstairs. 

Em and Charlotte being... well, Emily and Charlotte.

Em substitutes a fan for an umbrella. 

The decorations for the table were beautiful, so bright and colorful. Their theme was the Brooklyn Bridge since they live and got married in Brooklyn.

The M&Ms in these jars said David and Pari. 

Their cupcake "cake"--addorable notwithstanding the rather unattractive background. The frosting was really yummy.

Uncle Dave insisted on getting this cake topper, he is a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Uncle Dave with his three sisters. 

I sat at a table with my cousins, apparently none of us had been to a fancy restaurant such as this and didn't know what half the stuff was on the menu. So... we borrowed an iPhone and looked up the food items for an explanation. :)

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