Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 6

Today we went to Vail for the day. We were delighted by the warmer weather, it hit 30 in the sun! A vast improvement over 20 below yesterday. Though it seems smaller than Breckenridge, once you go up the chairlift you realize how large it truly is. Vail's trails were harder than Breckenridge's, poor Charlotte could only do the bunny slope. Emily and I headed up to some steep blues and then headed to the top. The view from up there was breathtaking. It was snowing lightly but the sun was still shining which made the valley glow. Emily and I did not have the guts or skills to go down black and double black diamonds so we just took the chair lift back down. :) Carter on the other had a wonderful time going down the black diamonds in the bowls on the backside of the mountain.

We headed home after the slopes closed and are preparing for our last day of snowboarding tomorrow. Though very sad, I think we will be ready for some warmer weather (it was 70 at home today) and for our muscles to not to be so sore, though my legs sure have gotten strong.

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Hannah B. said...

Don't rush back... its back down in the forties and its supposed to rain all weekend. :( I don't think we are going skiing anymore either because the weather is the same in WV. Plus Mallory got sick. SO SAD! So you can give up on that video of me falling on my face you wanted so badly. :)