Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 4 and 5

It's COLD.

Yesterday, we were skiing when it was -9 degrees.  While skiing down the hill the windchill was about minus 22. It takes your breath away. Today we went dog sledding, it was -20! On this trip I wanted to experience negative temperatures and I sure got my wish.

Yesterday we skied all day. But because of the cold we had to take more breaks.  Today we took the day off and went dog sledding just outside of Breckenridge. There were 8 dogs pulling the sled and one of us drove it while the other sat in front. The other four people sat in a sled pulled by a snowmobile driven by our guide, Charlie. The dogs were really pretty and super excited to pull the sled. Whenever we stopped they would start to bark and howl because they wanted to keep going. Other than being bitterly cold the weather was beautiful, sunny, and clear. Afterwards we headed home and relaxed for the afternoon and thawed out after such a chilly outing.

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