Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 3-Colorado

Today was our first full day of snowboarding and skiing. We are all tired and sore. My arms are especially tired. If you have ever snowboarded or seen pictures of it you'll know this shouldn't be happening. That tells you how good I am. The views from the ski lifts on up the mountain are incredible. My favorite view was my last run of the day when the sun was setting behind me and the golden sunlight lit up the snow covered peaks in front of me as far as I could see. Simply breathtaking.

So far the weather as been perfect, 30 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow, the forecast calls for a high of -1! Yikes. I have never experienced negative degree weather so we will have to see how it turns out. Hopefully we'll get at least a little bit of skiing in.

Charlotte had her first ever ski lesson today and did wonderfully and enjoyed it greatly. Emily took a full day lesson as well and continues to improve and hopefully is spending less time in the snow. Carter zooms off to do the black diamonds and do some gnarly (thats apparently what they say here) tricks. Dad rotates between helping us. Mom is our wonderful "ski mom". She drops us off in the morning (2 minutes from our condo) and picks us up for lunch and has lunch all set up for us when we get back to the condo. Then she takes us back up for the afternoon. Thank you so much mom!!

After dinner, we drove down to the town (5 min.) to see the International Snow Sculpture Contest. Our personal favorites were the underwater scene, the kangaroo sitting on a couch (Australia's) and Charlotte liked the "cat out of the bag." They were all lit up with colored lights so it looked pretty at night.  After looking at all the sculptures we walked up and down the main street which looked like a Christmas card scene, lots of snow all around and lights everywhere.  Some pretty neat little shops too.

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