Monday, January 17, 2011

Chicken Processing


This past Fall our family and three other families decided to raise chickens for processing. We bought them as chicks and they stayed at our house for about six weeks, then they headed out to the country to the home of some friends of ours to live out the rest of their brief lives. Then the families got together and processed them.  Sadly, I was unable to participate since I was at the Love the Church conference. Consequently, all photo credit goes to Mrs. L.

Emily holding her favorite (now dead) chicken, Gerald.

Carter took the job of head throat cutter


Elijah had the coveted job of de-gutting--the only warm job on a very chilly and wet day!

Mrs. M and Mr. L timing the chicken-boiling (this step loosens the feathers)

How lovely Elijah. :)

One of the most fun things to watch (I heard) was the mechanical chicken plucker; unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. But I saw a video of it and it was pretty cool looking.

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