Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 1 and 2 of Colorado

Family Ski Trip to Breckenridge, Colorado -- January, 2011

I forgot our camera cord so I can't show post pictures; but I can paint a picture in words.

So far we are having a wonderful time. We flew with no delays on Friday and arrived in Denver at 5:30pm local time. Oddly enough, it was warmer here then when we left home! We rented a car and drove to a pizza place some friends of ours highly recommended in Idaho Springs, we greatly enjoyed our dinner especially since it was 10:30 pm our time and we hadn't eaten since lunch. From there we drove a little bit more into the mountains and stopped at our hotel for the night in Dillon.

We woke up the next morning bright and early because of our internal clocks and went down to breakfast and ate overlooking an incredible view. We were on the shores of Lake Dillon (which was frozen) and a high snow-covered mountain range behind it, there was a bright blue, clear sky. Simply breathtaking.

After breakfast we packed up the car and after a beautiful drive a bit further we soon arrived at Breckenridge, all the while ooing and awing over the snow. We found our cabin and then headed into town to get our ski equipment. Dad and Charlotte are skiing and Carter, Emily, and I are snow boarding. Charlotte and Emily have no experience and Carter has gone twice and myself once.

Emily headed to her first lesson and Carter and Dad took to the slopes. Charlotte and I played in the snow and walked through the drifts and made slides. Here is what Emily says about her first day of snowboarding:

"Well, I took a half-day lesson today, and by the end I managed to ride down a green slope, aka bunny slope (I think that's what it was) Now the term "riding down" by no mean implies that I gracefully glided down the hill, and smoothly swung to a stop. On the contrary, my runs mostly consisted of hopping up, riding 10 or 15 feet, until an object managed to be in my way (such as a pole or tree) when this occurred my preferred method of stopping was to fall over. Not the most practical, but it's pretty fast. Though I will warn you that it results in a sore tail bone when repeated several hundred times a day. So anyway there is my little snowboarding story, I would recommend snowboarding to anyone who enjoys getting snow in their face, and and cold wet hands : )"

So there is a recap of our first two days in Colorado. Sorry it didn't have any pictures.

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