Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just after Christmas all of Dad's brothers and their families came down here to spend the week. All together there were 28 people, most of whom stayed at our house. It was crowded and loud yet wonderful.

Uses for older boy cousins: climbing tower


Nana brought Nutella for the the little boys, Matthew and Luke, to try. They enjoyed it a whole lot.

These are the B brothers and they love to play a very competitive game of Monopoly.

Uncle Adam seems to know he will get a good roll.

Uncle John observing the game after going bankrupt.

Not looking good for the hat.

A favorite game with the cousins is Dutch Blitz, we've been known to play for four hours.


A new game we really enjoy is Settlers of Catan, especially since I won two games. 

The boys entertain themselves by tying each other up to the mail box...

A very coveted position. :)

Uncle John and my dad reminisced about old times and taught the boys the real way to tie people up. :)

Mom taught me this trick, you can keep babies entertained for a very long time with clothespins and a metal bowl. Ella sure liked it!

Family picture time.

Thank you Christine for taking the picture!

Nana had us all over for lunch later on,

and she served us Aussie Burgers. Aussie Burgers have a hamburger, fried egg, slice of pineapple, and beets on them. Although I think it sounds bad, it is actually quite tasty.

The delicious dessert spread

Nana and Jocelyn


Aunt Laura and Ella

After lunch the boys started a version of Calvin Ball, in other words, throw the ball to each other and make up the rules of the game as you go along. They loved it and played for almost three hours.

It ended up being ultimate frisbie using a tennis ball and using any item you wanted to catch the ball

including lacrosse sticks
ziploc bags
 laundry baskets, bats, and cones. 

Dad about to score in the teeny tiny goals

They argued too

Miranda spectating

Everyone posing after the game with their various tools. I like Uncle John's (far left) expression the best, 

Inside Nana showed the girls the sampler she made when she was a little girl

On New Year's Eve we had a delicious lamb dinner. My amazing mom succeeded in have a sit down dinner for 28 people, at the same time, and everyone had china. Good job!

As is our tradition the four B. brothers read Banjo Paterson's poems, (one of our ancestors).
Uncle Adam chose to have Emma and Emily act it out for him, they're pretending to pump water here.

Uncle Peter reciting "A Bush Christening"
 it is required to wear the Drys-a-bone coat and an Australian Acubra hat while reciting the poem.

Uncle John

Dad reading the Geebung Polo Club, one of my favorites



Anonymous said...

Please tell the trick with the clothespins and a metal bowl. (I have 5 younger siblings)

Anna said...

All you do is give them a bowl with about 5 or 6 clothespins in it, they seem to love the shapes and noises it makes.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

I love Banjo Paterson's poems too! They tend to have an Australian bush sense of humour.