Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow, Again!

To the very great excitement of myself and my family it snowed again! We received about 1.5 inches. It was so pretty watching the big fluffy snowflakes come down.

Instead of sleds we use boogy boards which seem to work just as well

Because of the lack of hills around here we go with what we have

Outside our front door

Emily with her (actually mom's) photogenic snowy scarf


Practicing snowboarding
What can be more lovely than a winter walk in a winter wonderland on an untouched snow-covered path?

Carter helping Emily along.


Sereina said...

Looks like fun!

Claire said...

You changed the background! I like the new black-and-white-and-green look! And that spider's web with snow on it picture is rather cool (pun only partially intended).