Monday, July 23, 2012

Reforming Food and Family

Last weekend my dear friend Kate and I headed to San Antonio for Vision Forum's Reforming Food and Family conference. It was three days packed full of talks on the biblical principles of food, french cooking, toxins in our food and body, nutrition, farming, and the importance of family meal times. Since for the last year I have been studying nutrition this conference was fantastic. 

We had time to kill when we arrived on Wednesday so we walked around the Alamo in the rain. 
Some advice for you, do NOT walk around in the rain and jump over puddles in a long skirt and flip flops. Doesn't work too well...

The Alamo up close. 
I didn't know this but Davy Crockett fought in the battle at the Alamo.

After walking for 1/2 hour in the rain (thank goodness Kate remembered her umbrella!) we arrived at  Market Square when can be summarized as touristy, touristy, touristy. Let's just say I'm not into tourist spots. 

The river walk on the other hand was quite lovely. 

On Thursday morning there was ladies tea at the historic Menger hotel. I had a lovely time dressing up, admiring beautiful dresses of other girls, and meeting some sweet new friends. One family we met lives only an hour from our house and we didn't even know each other. 

These girls provided some lovely music for us. 

Lovely tea food, the white chocolate cranberry scones were particularly delicious. 

We should really wear hats more often...

Kate and I

So many beautiful dresses!

New friends. 

This dress is an antique from the 1800s and looks beautiful. 

My tea dress which I made. 

Mrs. Campbell gave a wondering and challenging talk on the importance of family meal times and hospitality. 

I have pictures of other talks but its not very interesting to see pictures of people talking...
But I am writing up a post on some of the things I learned. 

Taking a break along the river walk

These boys would play some music before the main sessions and did a wonderful job. I like the song about dinner, theres a five pound possum in my headlights tonight...

Walking to the conference center

Loved seeing you again Verret ladies!

We stayed in a hotel directly across from the Alamo. 

The lovely view outside my plane window on the way back. 

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Lydia said...

Hey Anna!
My family attended the Reformation of Food and Family as well!! Wasn't it fabulous? We all came away with a lot to think about and consider. It really was encouraging to see so many other Christians concerned and interested about "food". We're really thankful we made the long trip down to San Antonio for this conference!