Tuesday, March 5, 2013


On our second day in Cape Town, we drove an hour inland to visit a winery that some friends had recommended.

"The small farm"

Once again, we enjoyed a beautiful 70 degree day with bright sunshine. 

I never have been one for wine. Whenever I've had wine in the past, I always had to eat or drink something directly after taking a sip of wine in order to wash the taste away. Well, then I tasted a white South African wine, and enjoyed it very much, somewhat to my surprise.

One thing I was craving throughout our entire stay in Nyankundee was cheesecake. Not that we had horrid food; on the contrary, the food 'twas lovely. But one always has that craving in the back of one's head whilst in Africa, and mine was cheesecake. Once I found myself in Cape Town, I indulged most heartily indeed in some mango cheesecake with passion fruit. It was scrumptious, just in case you were wondering.

I felt rather grown-up sipping wine at a winery. 

After lunch we wandered around the cute little town nearby and did some shopping and admired cute little churches surrounded by beautiful mountains

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