Wednesday, November 21, 2012

anthology of thanks from A to Z

Anna, me. God has given me an incredible life

Blogging, baking, beds (my bed is incredibly comfortable)

my trip to Congo, chocolate covered pomegranate

my amazing dad, my loving dog who shows me unconditional dog love

examples of people who live their life for Christ, exercise

fellowship with fellow believers, family, cozy fires in winter

grandparents: I'm thankful to have both sets still alive, Greek- taught to me by my grandpa

home, hair- specifically my long curly hair

inspiration that comes from many different sources: nature, people, Scripture


kitties that sit in my lap and purr

laughter, learning about life

my most amazing mom, music- radio, playing the piano, singing, iPods

nature-made food


photography, pumpkin bread with chocolate chips


renewal, reading

simple pleasures in life, smiles

technology, it makes life much easier in many ways

unconditional love


warmth both figuratively and physically

that I'm not a xanthippe. (Emily said I had to use a word that actually started with the letter x and I couldn't come up with one, so I came up with a word that I'm thankful I'm not:  an ill-tempered woman)

yearning for a heavenly home

zeal for life

An Anthology of Thanks | Hannah Nicole 

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Hannah Nicole said...

oh, pumpkin bread with chocolate chips sounds so delicious. we have pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting every fall, but I shall have to find a good pumpkin bread recipe. your list is wonderful, friend! thank you for sharing and linking up.

blessings on your thanksgiving day!